The architecture is the product of a human activity that, in satisfying a particular system of the needs, generates a controlled transformation of the natural environment.

This activity, like all human activities, is regulated and finalized on the basis of a to feel, of a to think and of a to act and, as such, is the aspect ( space-temporal ) of a"physical and psychic behavior" that is not a prerogative of the human species, but a common feature, according to the different evolutive levels , to all living species.

The actual state of this species-specific activities of man, which manifests itself in architecture, is the result of an evolutionary process that lasted for millions of years. The architecture, as we know it, is a derivative of the primitive reactions simple of pure instinct, such as finding a shelter, which generated in the course of human evolution, the complex processes that we know.

The engine of transformation is the central nervous system, in particular the brain, which, with its complex activity manages and coordinate all activities of the human species.