Is for effect by the interaction with the natural world,in the struggle for survival, which man must evolve in a process of adaptation to environmental conditions. This adaptation, meaning one side an evolution of their organic system (see for example the evolution of the prehensile organs such as the hands and feet), and on the other, together with the evolution of the central nervous system, is signified to learn to recognize (to discriminate) the characteristics of the natural world plus appropriate for its own survival.

The natural world, from indiscriminate entity to be passively submit , has become a set of objects discriminated with the meanings specific : the natural world is the environment for the survival.

The architecture was initially only all about: the set of survival places by recognize and use. Subsequently, with the invention of tools and with the acquisition of the upright position, the man learns to manage the environment that surrounds him, he learns to modify the environment to decrease the selective pressure that undergoes.

Born the bases of the elementary constituents of the architecture. Lastly, with the aggregation of groups, with the evolution of language and social organization, are born the distinctive units of the architecture, the typological individuality and their relative thicken .