The architecture is an integral part the general system man and nature formed from the natural world (physic / energetic) and the human world (biological).

The relationship between the two worlds is based on the need of the mankind survival, that on one hand is itself a physical entity that needs for existing of an exchange of energy with the external physical world and the other is a complex entity of structured individuals with a system of relationships in continuous transformation.

It 'in the system of relations with the external physical world, which arises the architecture as a product and way of satisfying both the cultural needs (special relationship of values within the society) that the needs physical / energetic (defense and control of climatic conditions ).

 The architecture system is articulated essentially into two levels: an local level with the characteristics determined by the niches socio-ecological , and an general level with characteristics top-level on which depend the existence and the laws of niches socio-ecological .